Oil & Gas Machinery Limited was established in 2002 to provide custom Gas Compression Systems to Customers in the expanded Europe and Russia. With personnel having a combined 50+ years of experience in the production of packaged plant for gas treatment and compression, we are able to provide comprehensive designs and innovative practical solutions.

The Ariel Corporation range of reciprocating gas compressors represent a World Standard machine design with a size range that will fit almost all applications. As OGM personnel had an existing relationship with Ariel Corporation, their products were an obvious choice and in 2003, Oil & Gas Machinery Limited was appointed an Authorised Packager/Distributor for the Ariel range. Oil & Gas Machinery only offers Ariel compressors.

Our business objective is to grow the company by providing quality compression systems, supported by engineering excellence and responsive after sales support. We seek to retain existing Customers by ensuring comprehensive and timely response to their needs. We win new Customers by providing competitive quotations and submitting detailed responses to any questions.